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To begin with, let me explain to you my approach to music and my philosophy: I am convinced that in this world everything is connected with one another. By this I mean that not only human beings are connected between one another but the whole planet. Now, where is the link to music in this idea? Well, let me explain to you: music is one of many elements in this world that shows through its spreading how connected we all are.

Music has the power to help us getting through daily life and to appreciate even the most simple things. Music can help us give meaning to life. Most importantly though it helps us remember that life is worth living and stimulates us to feel more actively and intensively.

The rhythm of a song can reconnect us even to the deepest of our emotions, digging into our heart. Therefore, I believe that notes and chords are the key to live a satisfied life.

Ever since I can remember, music has been my guide and spirit in life. It is omnipresent in my daily life and helps me understand the pure essence of living in an unconditional way. Expressing myself and my feelings through melodies and tones is one of the easiest and most natural ways for me to be since day one. And it still is today and always will.